Book Your Holiday Party Entertainment Now

You know you can see our shows at the Kick Comedy Theater.  But did you know you can see us … anywhere? Yes, you can book the KC Improv Company to perform at your private event.

The KC Improv Company has lots of options for bringing the comedy right to you, serving up fresh laughs at your own events. Our troupe has years of experience performing at anything from birthday parties, family reunions, office events and trainings, holiday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties—we’re even ready to perform at bar mitzvahs!

A big dose of laughter is the perfect way to mix up every event or party and we love to deliver—we can travel anywhere in the greater Kansas City area, both in Missouri and Kansas. From entertainment to new inside jokes, a way to avoid talking to your family or pure tension relief, we’re here to provide. We want to serve as many clients as possible and our calendar starts to fill up in November and December.

Holiday season is coming up and we get busy with bookings for holiday and family events. If you’re looking for entertainment at your seasonal gathering and are considering an improv show or workshop, let’s start talking now!

Check out our Private Events page for more information or to get in contact with us about booking our amazing group of performers for your next event.

Still need convincing? See what some clients have said about us:

“The KC Improv Co. is an awesome group, very diverse and a delight to watch. Not only were they hilarious and fun entertainment for our company holiday party, but they were very professional to work with on the coordination end. They provided the perfect segue in between cocktails and chit chat to ending the night with dancing. I highly recommend the KC Improv Co. for any event, small or large.”

— Beth Ott – Private Event Client, 2016

“The KC Improv Company performed for our fundraiser on March 28, 2013. They were professional, very, very funny and incredibly talented. There were children in attendance and the troupe made the comedy G-rated for them, involving one little girl in a skit with them! I would definitely ask them to entertain for our organization again!”

— Kathleen Wright – Friends of Recovery, 2013

Located in the Westport Neighborhood

Some people drive for hours to visit Westport in Kansas City.  We at the KC Improv Company get to call it home. Squeezed into a historic building along with a great coffee shop and a chill spot to grab a cold beer and a hot burger, we’ve got a pretty nice setup at the Kick Comedy Theater.

Westport Coffee House slings amazing java and homemade strawberry cake, and for fun, see if you can spot our poster from 2012 near the Ms. Pacman machine.  If it’s later in the day and you’re not looking to get some work done, The Green Room is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat with your friends before one of our Friday or Saturday shows. If you don’t finish your Rieger Kansas City Whiskey Cocktail, favorite Boulevard beer or tater tots in time, bring it with you to the show… or grab another round to stay hydrated while you laugh.

Around us is a whole great neighborhood of new and classic Kansas City options to try. Looking for a nice dinner out? Head to our neighbor Char Bar for some barbeque and lawn games, Beer Kitchen for a nice craft beer or Port Fonda for a great Mexican dinner or brunch. Californo’s is a personal favorite of ours.

If you’re going out on a weekend night, make sure to hit Sailor Jack’s, Throwback, Westport Icehouse, Westport Saloon or Buzzard Beach. We highly suggest visiting one of our late night Kansas City Improv Festival partners Off Key for private-room karaoke and a tower of beer or cider Westport is a great place to start and end a great evening, no matter how late.

Our Kansas City district also has you covered for a sweet snack. For something on the cold side, Westport Ice Cream Bakery or feeling a little more funky, Donutology has a fun, customizable doughnut for every sweet tooth.

Westport is the perfect place for almost any occasion, from eating to drinking, shopping to entertainment. From a first date to a bachelorette party to an anniversary outing.  We hope your next trip to our amazing neighborhood includes a KC Improv Company show at the Kick Comedy Theater and a fun night out with friends and family.

Help Us Welcome Our New GM!

The Kansas City Improv Company is pleased to announce that we have  our new General Manager. Chante, a familiar face around the KC Improv Company and former Assistant General Manager, is taking the reins from Ryan Hruza, and we couldn’t be more excited.

A Kansas City native, Chante has been highly involved in improv for most of her life, starting back in high school when she joined the 48th Street Players in 2002. She continued with several other troupes both in and outside the Kansas City area as she earned a degree in Criminology and moved to Chicago.

While in the Windy City, she went through the training program at the iO Chicago Theatre and the Conservatory at the famed Second City, which produced the likes of  Tina Fey, Keegan-Michael Key, and Stephen Colbert, . In the Chicago improv community, she helped raise the profile of the Chicago Improv Den, and was soon hired to help manage another improv venue, Stage 773. All the while, she kept up her relationships with the wonderful improv community in Kansas City.

In 2017, she moved back home to KC and auditioned with The KC Improv Company. We welcomed her back, because we are not stupid.  Before long she was our Assistant G.M.

Since coming home, Chante has not only been involved with KC Improv Company, but you also might recognize her from her all-female sketch comedy group the Bowl Cuts, which just made its Fringe Festival debut this year. Now she’s bringing all of her impressive experience in improv performance and management to the Kick Comedy Theater.

“I want to build a strong sense of community within the organization, and branch out more to the rest of the arts community and the city as a whole,: Chante said.  “I want to remind the community that a KCIC [KC Improv Company] show or class are always fun things to do in Kansas City.”

Please help us in giving Chante  a hand and a warm welcome in her new leadership position!

3/2 | The Kick Comedy Show w/Cubic Z (Feat. Tiffany & David)

Kinda brilliant.
Pretty cheap.
Multiple stories acted out by 4-5 actors, playing about 20 characters!
This show also features fast-paced, short form improv games, and local Improv Troupe “Tiffany & David”
$15 General Admission
$13 Advanced Online
$10 Student/Artist Tickets Available At The Door!
The KC Improv Company – Laugh Loud, Laugh Local!

5 Ways Musical Improv Can Help Your Play-Style.

5 Ways Musical Improv Can Help Your Play-Style!

Musical Improv, to many, can be a daunting task to face as an improviser. “I have to make a song while keeping a story and playing archetypes?!!! Wha-How-Why?!?” We hear ya, it can be difficult. But, it can also have humungous upside to not only playing Musical based formats, but across your level of skills as an improviser. So here are 5 ways that Musical Improv can help your overall play-style.

1.) Finding the Purpose of Patterns

Songs are very formulaic. Usually consisting of a Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus structure. Learning to create these on the fly, and follow and stick to these patterns increases your awareness in finding them. Whether you’re trying to figure out the perfect structure for a dramatic solo in a Musical format, or trying to find the pattern of a game in a Harold, the more your brain can be shown these patterns, the quicker it picks up on the idea of finding them, connecting with them and finding a purpose for the pattern in the scene.

2.) Dance Like Nobody Is Watching!

In Musical Improv, we focus on what makes musicals so great. The first thing everybody notices is, the spectacle. This can be in the form of scenery, impressive lighting (which we don’t have in Improv), or DANCING!! You focus on shared movements, getting connected with your scene partners and learning how to find the beat, wash, rinse and repeat!

3.) Create Deeper Characters!

In Musical Improv, we often will see a character progress throughout the show. Although this is not always necessary or good for every format, it’s great to learn this skill and expand it. If you can create a character that can be sustained for a 30 minute musical, that grows, shows layers and is entertaining. Your next set of a montage format will be riddled with unique, interesting and engaging characters!

4.) Listen, Listen, Listen!

In every Improv format, it’s important to listen to your scene partners and what’s happening on stage so you can find the perfect place to cut, the perfect moment to do a tag-run etc. In musical improv, that’s telling a story and sometimes through song, you have to always be listening, engaged and ready to collaborate!

5.) Comfort Zones Are Made to Be Broken!

If you feel uncomfortable because you’re not a good singer, it’s fine. Feel like you can’t make up killer rhymes? That’s fine too! Improv is about testing your limits as an artist, expanding your knowledge of tropes and genres, and most importantly, it’s about growing!


If you’re interested in learning more about musical improv, take a look at our 3-Week Intensive starting Saturday May, 13th at The Kick Comedy Theater in Westport! Taught by our own Colin Sandall, Musical Director and former Co-Director of Presto!: A Musical! CLICK HERE to learn more about the class and get enrolled today!