An Interruption in Our Regularly Scheduled Content

The KC Improv Company is pleased to make the official announcement of our new General Manager: Chante Keller. Chante, a familiar face around the KC Improv Company and former Assistant General Manager, is taking on the reins from Ryan Hruza, and we couldn’t be more...

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5 Ways Musical Improv Can Help Your Play-Style.

5 Ways Musical Improv Can Help Your Play-Style!Musical Improv, to many, can be a daunting task to face as an improviser. "I have to make a song while keeping a story and playing archetypes?!!! Wha-How-Why?!?" We hear ya, it can be difficult. But, it can also have...

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May 2017

As April leaves us with it's showers, we look forward to the flowers that await us in May! We have a lot of exciting things happening, to name a few... NEW CAST MEMBERS, A BRAND NEW FORMAT ("The Shredder") and NEW WORKSHOPS!This May, we will be debuting our brand new...

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