The KCIC Conservatory

The KCIC Conservatory

Instructor: Adam Hoelscher

Auditions scheduled for our next Conservatory session will be announced soon. Want to sign up?

The KCIC Conservatory Program

Mission The KC Improv Company Conservatory program offers individuals selected from an audition the opportunity to develop their skills through advanced coaching at a discounted rate of tuition.

Eligibility Auditions for the Conservatory are open to improvisers who have completed Improv 501: Intermediate Long Form or who have obtained permission from the Education Director.

Rehearsal The format to be rehearsed and the time of rehearsal will be decided by the current conservatory director. In addition to rehearsing a specific format for presentation, directors will also work with cast members on individual improvement.

The conservatory program will most likely meet at the Kick Comedy Theater but may meet elsewhere. Students will perform once a month at the Kick Comedy Theater.

Renewal At the end of the conservatory period the director may turn the program over to a new director. Auditions will be scheduled for the next conservatory program and may be tied into the company’s biannual cast auditions.

Cost The conservatory program costs $50 per month (4 rehearsals). Students who accept a conservatory offer are committing to participating creatively and monetarily. Payment is due before the conservatory period begins. If a student can no longer participate or wishes to leave the conservatory program before its run is completed, he or she will need to make that known before the renewal period. Like all KCIC workshops and classes, there are no refunds.