Training Center FAQ

KCIC Training Center FAQ (updated March 2016)

Why take classes?– People take classes for a number of reasons: to improve confidence and public speaking ability, to work on acting and comedy skills, to meet new people, or just to have fun. The KC Improv Company believes that everyone can find something in improv.

Who can take classes?– Individuals 17 and up.

Where are classes?– Level 1-4 classes take place at Trinity Lutheran Church in Mission, KS. The Saturday drop-in class is at the Kick Comedy Theater- 4010 Pennsylvania in Westport.

When are classes? – Classes at Trinity Lutheran Church are 7pm-9pm on Mondays for 8 week sessions. Usually the 8 weeks are consecutive, but occasionally we skip a class due to weather, holidays, etc.

How do I sign up for classes? – Visit and click on the classes link. You will be redirected to our registration page for the next session of classes.

How much are classes? – Classes are $145. We offer a discount to students who sign up early.

I’ve heard Training Center Students can see shows for free. How does that work? – Students can check in at the box office prior to a show. Free admission applies to standard shows and does not include specialty shows that cost more than $10, Fringe shows, or KC Improv Festival shows. For Underground Throwdown, students can wait to see if seats are available, or pay $5 to see the show and vote.

What are the classes like? – Classes usually have 3 parts- warm ups, exercises, and games/formats. Every class has a focus and builds upon previous levels and classes, and every class is fun! When at Trinity Lutheran Church, we keep things at the PG level. We do this out of respect for the church and because we try to steer away from relying on vulgarity and shock humor.

What happens at the end of classes? – After the 7th or 8th class, students will perform at the Kick Comedy Theater with their class. Classes usually perform for about 20 minutes. Students are given the show schedule the first week of classes.

What is the show like? – Just like other shows at the Kick Comedy Theater, student shows are rated R and are open to individuals 17 and older. Beer and wine is also served by Green Room Burgers and Beer in the theater.

What are the teachers like? – KC Improv Company instructors are professional improvisers who are tasked with creating a fun, safe, and focused environment. Our teachers are friendly, considerate, and knowledgable.

What do teachers expect from me? – Our instructors expect you to attend class, participate, and learn. They want you to have fun with purpose, and they want you to work towards your improv growth.

What do I do if I have a problem with another student or with a teacher?–  Always feel free to send your instructor an email or to talk to him or her after class. If you don’t feel comfortable bringing the subject up, you can contact the Education Director, Michael Foster-

 How do absences work? – Attendance is very important to our classes. We encourage students to attend all 8 classes, but we understand that is not always possible. Students who attend less than 6 classes are not eligible to move on to the next level or to participate in the student show. If you know of an upcoming absence, notify your teacher beforehand. Arriving more than 15 minutes late is considered tardy. Two tardies equals an absence. If a student arrives 30 or more minutes after class has started, that is considered an absence, but the student can participate during that class.

What is the drop-in class? – The drop-in class is open to improvisers of all experience and ability every Saturday at 1pm at the Kick Comedy Theater. The drop-in class also functions as a makeup class (see next). It’s $15 for the 90 minute class or $60 for five classes (5 class pass expires 6 months after purchase).

How does the makeup class work? – If a student knows of an upcoming Monday absence, he or she can notify the Education Director a week or more before the absence to schedule a free drop-in class. The make up class does not count toward Monday attendance, however. For example, if a student has to miss three Monday classes and attends three free drop-in classes, that student is still not eligible to move on to the next level or participate in the class show. 

How does someone move on to the next level? Do you have to move on? – When registering for Level 2, instructor approval is not required. For Level 3 and Level 4, instructor approval is necessary. Attendance of 6 or more classes is needed to move on as well as instructor approval to ensure that Level 3 and Level 4 classes are comprised of students with similar experience and ability. We strive for trust and confidence in all our classes. We look for students who take notes to heart and work towards improvement.

You do not have to move on to the next class. We offer a discount to anyone who is interested in retaking a class. The goals of the class will stay the same, but the instructor and overall experience will change. If you’re interested in retaking a class, contact the Education Director:

Besides classes, what can I do to get better? – There are opportunities to play around KC such as the Clusterfunk show every 2nd Saturday at 10pm. Taking workshops and watching improv are very beneficial. KCICTC students get to see our shows for FREE (excludes speciality shows). This is a great opportunity to observe and learn. Books, blogs, and podcasts are also valuable. Don’t forget the KC Improv Festival!

What happens after Level 4? – We offer elective classes for students who have completed Level 4. These are usually announced around the halfway point of each session. Elective classes may have a different location and meeting time than Level 1 – 4 classes.

You can also form an improv group and receive coaching from a qualified KCIC coach. Coaching does not guarantee a performance slot, but coaches will prepare groups to apply for a guest spot. See details about coaching at the bottom of the classes page.

What if I decide I don’t like the classes? What if I signed up for classes, but I am not able to attend? – We have a no refund policy. If for some reason, you will not be attending the full 8 classes or a portion of the 8 week session, we can exchange your remaining classes for drop-in classes, or we can transfer 66% of your credit to your choice of future classes or tickets. The value of a class is determined by whether a student paid the early bird price or regular price for classes. For example, if a student who paid regular tuition attended 4 classes but cannot attend the remaining 4 classes, he will have $145/8= $18 per class x 4 remaining classes = $72 x 66% = $48 of credit to transfer. Or this student could attend 4 drop-in classes at no cost.

Are there any other policies I should know about?KCIC does not tolerate any kind of discrimination or harassment. Anyone in the Training Center exhibiting inappropriate behavior should be reported to the Education Director. KCIC reserves the right to expel any student or dismiss any teacher who demonstrates discrimination or harassment.

Also, teachers cannot date their students.