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Here, you'll find a comprehensive breakdown of each show we offer! Take a look, and book your tickets for an upcoming performance today!


These shows are long-form Improv Formats created by The KC Improv Company! Only at The Kick Comedy Theatre in Westport!

Shakespeare's Unwritten Works

Shakespeare's Unwritten Works is one of our newest and most exciting long form formats! It debuted on December 10th, 2016 to rave reviews! The audience provides us with the title of a play that sounds Shakespearean, we take that and use it to create a one-time only performance of a never-before-seen, never-to-be-seen-again Shakespearian style show! Using all the tropes, language and even some classic storylines from The Bard himself!

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Shakespeare's Unwritten Works!

Presto!: A Musical

Presto!: A Musical, is one of our longest and most popular formats. It debuted on Valentine's Day 2015, and hasn't stopped since. We get a title of a never before seen musical from our audience, and create a Broadway style musical right there on the spot! Some of our hit new musicals incluse; The Wilted Flower, Bachelorette Party, Too Much Olive Oil, Too Much Olive Oil 2!

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Presto!: A Musical

The Unusual Suspects: The Improvised Murder Mystery!

The Unusual Suspects debuted in July of 2015, and it's become one of the most popular formats at The KC Improv Company. You decide who gets murdered, you decide who did it, and you help decide how!

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The Unusual Suspects: The Improvised Murder Mystery!

Threads: A Harold

Debuting in May of 2016, Threads is a popular show amongst fellow improvisers and audiences alike! The Harold is one of the oldest forms of Long Form Improv, Threads is our take on this classic format. Using your suggestion, we create 3 unique scenes with unique worlds and characters, and by the end of it, they're all interacting together!

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These are our special once-a-month shows! Each show has been created by The KC Improv Company for your laughing pleasure! Only at The Kick Comedy Theatre in Westport!

BeMused: Fine Art, Meets Fine Improv!

Debuting in May, 2016. BeMused offers the deadly funny combination of Visual Art & Improv. We invite a local Kansas City Visual Artist to display their works, then we do Improv based off their creations!

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Underground Throwdown!

Underground Throwdown is our monthly competition show! Indie Troupes from around Kansas City converge on our stage in a no-holds barred, audience decided Improv Championship every month! The winner stays, as voted on by the audience, and takes on the next months competition!

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At Deuces Wild, we invite local Improv Duos to bring you the funny in pairs! This show also features local favorite Keith +1! Deuces Wild takes place every 3rd Saturday of the Month at 10:00 P.M.

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Night of Awesome!

At Night of Awesome, we invite 2 local Kansas City Indie Teams to join us on stage for a Night of Awesome! Each show also includes one of The KC Improv Company's Signature Formats!

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Script-Tease has been running at The Kick every month since winning Best of Venue at the 2015 Fringe Festival! We invite local KC area actors who are in current shows at the many theatres in Kansas City to our stage. They do their part of a scene, rehearsed and memorized, we throw an improviser on-stage to make up the other half of the scene and magic happens! Each show is also paired with one of our Signature Formats!

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ClusterFunk is a long standing show at The KC Improv Company. Every First Saturday of the Month, we invite 5 local Improv troupes to join us on The Kick stage to do 10 minute sets. It's a night of exploration in the improvisational arts, and to get a quick glimpse into the massive amount of talent in The KC Improv Scene!

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