Drop-In Classes in Westport!

Our Drop-In Classes are One-Time Improv Classes, Focusing on the Fundamentals of Improv. We Have Two Different Drop-In Class Opportunites:

Saturday Drop-In Class (1pm) – Kick Comedy Theater

Improv Comedy class for all human beings $15 per class, or $60 for 5 classes.

This ongoing course is designed to help students of any level. Get diverse instruction from nearly every staff member of The KCIC Training Center! Instructors will help you learn and explore the art of improvisational acting and comedy and plan the classes to give each student what he or she needs to improve and become more confident in his or her play. If you’re not sure if you would like to sign up for an 8 week course, then this is the class for you.

Drop-in to play! Meets at the Kick Comedy Theater – Every Saturday at 1pm.