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The KCIC Conservatory

Classes are 8 weeks long and meet Mondays starting Sept. 11th and ending on Oct. 30th! All classes meet from 7-9pm at Trinity Lutheran Church – 5601 West 62nd Street Mission, KS 66202.

Every class gets to perform at the Kick Comedy Theater, and students get to see KC Improv shows FOR FREE!!! (see Training Center FAQ for exceptions).

Email classes@kcimprov.com with questions.

Early-bird price: $130 until August 16th

Regular price: $150 after August 16th

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Improv 101: Intro to Improv

Instructor: Jessica Hagge & Laura Irwin

This course helps adults learn and explore the art of improvisational acting and comedy. Students will also benefit by improving their listening skills, confidence, team-building, trust, and collaboration skills. And they WILL have fun!

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Improv 201: Character

Instructor: Jamie Campbell & Chris Steinauer

This course expands on the ideas introduced in Intro to Improv and emphasizes the use of character in improv. Completion of Intro to Improv is required (or pre-approval by the Education Director).

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Improv 301: Scenework

Instructor: Max Frankel

This class is for improvisers who want to continue the fun of improv and improve their scenework. Completion of LVL 201: Character is required (or pre-approval by instructors).

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Improv 401: Intro to Long-Form

Instructor: Michael Foster & Bobby McCosky

This class is for intermediate improvisers who want to learn the basics of long-form improv. Completion of Scenework is required (or pre-approval by instructors).

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Improv 501: Intermediate Long-Form

Instructor: Tiffany Chappell

Students will continue to work on long-form formats while identifying personal goals and receiving specific feedback from their instructor. Completion of Improv 401 is required (or pre-approval by instructors). Students will also learn more advanced long-form techniques and long-form formats.

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Improv 601: Advanced Long Form (requires audition)

Instructor: Aron Wallis

Advanced Long Form uses the classic format The Harold to challenge improvisers interested in pursuing performance. Requires completion of Intermediate Long Form or approval from the Education Director to audition. Auditions to be held at a yet to be determined date. Want to audition?