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Meet Our Cast!

Here you’ll find information on our current company of actors that make up The KC Improv Company!

Adam Hoelscher  

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Adam has been enamored with theatre since he was 5, finding solace in the world of pretend and collaboration. The best moments of his young life all took place in the backstage dressing rooms, laughing and playing “improv” games with his fellow theatre nerds. In high school, he got lucky enough to take Improv workshops with Second Coty instructors at an International Thespian festival. Adam moved from his hometown of St. Louis, Mo to Springfield, Mo. Where he majored in Theatre Performance at Missouri state University and began working with The Skinny Improv. His first opportunity out of college was taking a spot on a 24/7, traveling Improv/sketch company. Adam moved to this Kansas City and met up with Improvabilities! (Now The KC Improv Co.) He has since taught and performed with KCIC for 4+ years, while getting some incredible coaching from KC and all over the country.

Amaya Eckel

(Presto!: A Musical/Shakespeare's Unwritten Works)
Originally from Los Angeles, CA, Amaya Eckel has studied Theater Arts, Musical Theater, Classical, and Vocal Jazz at the collegiate level.  She has performed on stages all over the US, Hong Kong and Japan, and is a proud member of the International Theatresports Institute (ITI).  Amaya has trained at UCB, The Second City, Impro with Chris Wells, with Spolin mentors Rob Adler and Gary Schwartz, as well as numerous workshops.  By day, she is a professional singer and voice actor working with companies like Yamaha, Fuji, and NHK, voicing numerous apps, commercials, and Anime.  In recent, Amaya spent 3 years dazzling audiences with The Tokyo Comedy Store’s resident long form Professional Improv team ‘Spontaneous Confabulation’, with ‘No Friends Just Benefits’, and performing at The Central New York Playhouse in Upstate NY. Amaya has taught Voice, Acting, and Improvisation as well as directed many productions, and developed performing arts curriculum for theaters and schools across the US and abroad.  Amaya is thrilled to be living in Kansas City and playing with the fantasmic talented members of the KCIC!

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Aron Wallis     

(Presto: A Musical/Threads: A Harold)    
Aron has been performing Improvisational Comedy since 2006 as a sophomore in high school. Through the years he’s had the opportunity to work with some of the best coaches in Kansas City and nationwide. He’s also performed in festivals and shows from Omaha to Denver to New York and beyond! The KC Improv Company has been a home of his for the past 4 years or so and has helped him find a passion for teaching, directing and furthering the artform.

Ashley Osborn

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)  
Ashley has improvised In the KC area for the last 9 years with various troupes, including ComedyCity, KCIC, and Ham Kitty. She has performed in several festivals and was the artistic director for the Kansas City Improv Festival for 3 years. She is currently the artistic director for the KC Improv Company.


Bobby Miller, Jr.

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Bobby Miller Jr is a second generation entertainer born and raised in Kansas City. Being a member of KCIC was a goal of Bobaby’s ever since he took classes with improvabilities. Additionally Bobby has been a DJ since the age of 13 and can be seen performing in The Power & Light District every Friday & Saturday night. He’s never fought a Muppet, but hopes the future bodes well.


Bobby McCosky

(Presto: A Musical/Threads: A Harold)
Bobby McCosky is an improviser, and teacher who has been working in the Kansas City improv scene for 4 years. He has performed with three time Underground Throwdown champs Disappointing Birthday Party, and currently plays on indie teams Babies, which specializes in the Harold, and That’s No Movie, which make up genre films on the spot. Bobby has played in The Chicago Improv Festival, the KC Improv Festival, The Del Close Marathon in New York City, and various Comic Cons throughout the Midwest. He has had long term training from Kevin Mullaney, Amey Goerlich, James Mastraieni, and many other coaches from around the country.  When he is not busy improvising or teaching improv, Bobby spends his days studying entomology, playing guitar, and petting dogs while not addressing their owners.

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Brandon Durkes

(Presto: A Musical/Threads: A Harold)
Brandon used to do a lot of theater growing up, then he stopped for awhile to figure out how to make movies. You can see some of his stuff at When he’s not doing that, he does improv with these wonderful people. In his free time, he likes his couch and his cat.

Brandey Chandler

(Presto!: A Musical/Shakespeare's Unwritten Works)

Chris Steinauer

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
When Chris isn’t advocating for science and technology education, they are dreaming about, practicing, or performing improv. They’ve been performing for over five years, but with the KC Improv Company since October 2015. Their favorite animal is the octopus.

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Colin Sandall

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
As a graduate of the KCIC Training center, Colin has been improvising with the company since 2014. In that time, he's taught a bit, directed a bit, and played piano a lot. He has performed with TypeCast, a KCIC House Team and routinely performs with Johnny and the Douchebags. Most other show nights, you'll see him finger-slapping the ol' piano-box during Presto! The Improvised Musical, a format he co-directs. By day, Colin can be found tricking middle school students into thinking he knows anything about choir. His approach to teaching middle school is much like his approach to working with KCIC: "Welp! They haven't fired me yet!"

Colter Lemmon

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Colter doesn't want you to know what he looks like, or what he's been through.

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Dave Martin

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Dave joined KCIC in 2014. Prior to that, he performed with Full Frontal Comedy, Slow Adults Playing, and The Screenplayas, starting in 1999. Additionally, he acts and directs around town to stay busy and off the streets. By day, you would find him feverishly pecking away at his left brain job as a financial advisor. “Life is about balance and I’ve got an inner ear infection.” #SexDreidel

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David Martinez

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
You may gaze upon m=his face, but you will know NOTHING about him!

Derek Ozkal

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Derek was in a play in 6th grade: Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes – riveting stuff; he then did debate and a tiny bit of drama in high school. He was a cast member in the Roving Imp from 2010-2014. Derek has been a KCIC cast member since April 2014. He also made a history day video in high school that his teacher said, “was a joke”.


Elliott Hoffman

(Presto: A Musical/Threads: A Harold)
A Software engineer by day, improviser by night. Elliott loves musical improv and short form games but his favorite is line games!

Jamie Campbell

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare's Unwritten Works)
Jamie Campbell is a nationally touring comedian based out of Kansas City.  His album, Tell  Me You're Proud of Me, debuted at #1 on the Amazon Comedy Charts.  He began his career in Chicago where performed on virtually every stage the city had to offer .  An award-winning improviser, playwright, actor, and stand-up comedian, he was specially-selected by the sister of the late Andy Kaufman to perform at the TBS Just For Laughs Festival. He has shared the stage or worked on projects with countless legendary names in comedy and entertainment, including Hannibal Buress, Cameron Esposito, Oscar Isaac, TJ Miller, Scott Adsit, Ty Burrell, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Alicia Keys, and Dana Carvey. 


Jared Brustad

(Presto: A Musical/Threads: A Harold)
Jared has been performing improv in Kansas City for about twenty years. He’s an old man with a young face, which will be covered in beard and/or glitter.

Jason Van Cleve

(Presto!: A Musical/Shakespeare's Unwritten Works)


Jeff Smith

(Presto: A Musical/Threads: A Harold)
Jeff is beyond trilled to be a part of KCIC. Before joining the company, Jeff worked in the theatre world in KC…and still does... sometimes... kinda. Appearing at the Coterie, Unicorn, Starlight, Union Station, Off Center Theatre, American Heartland, Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, MET, The Living Room, and the Buffalo Room…is that it? Maybe…Yeah. Favorite roles include Ash in Evil Dead, Shane in Pride and Joy, the Minotaur in Hungry, Darry in the Outsiders, Gabe Newland, the self-help guru in Help Yourself among many roles Jeff was very proud to be a part of with Actors Against AIDS. Jeff is also very proud to be a part of the improv team, Mortal Wombat (who have won 4 Underground Championships), and his improv duo with best friend Jerome Stabb called Ross and Romeo. When not onstage, Jeff is a teacher and coach in Kansas City. Yes, I’m teaching the future of our country, maybe even your kid. Be afraid.


Jessica Ann

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
Jessica is thrilled to be a member of the KC Improv Company. She has been improvising since 2014, having received training from the DC Improv and KC Improv Company Training Center. Other theatre credits include showstopping performances in junior high as Old Man #2, Frog #2, and chorus member. When she isn’t improvising, she spends her time fundraising for an Ethiopian prince she met.

Jessica Hagge

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
Jessica has been doing Improv in Kansas city for a little over 2 years. She has performed with indie teams, ‘The Colin Collective’ and ‘Mortal Wombat’ over the past year. Her main goal in life is to finally be accepted for who she is.. by her cat, Marley. Jessica has a passion for digging up the past which, means she no longer gets invited to family holidays.

Joe Carey

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
A mystery, or someone who forgot to send in a bio and headshot?

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Joshua Gleeson

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Joshua Gleeson has been performing improv since he was six when he stood up at his brother’s graduation and told a 3 min story about a shy mushroom. Since then, he has been involved with several different troupes in Kansas City. Business of Otters and Snooze Button which have toured across the country from Chelan, WA to Chicago, IL. He has also been a member of the KC Improv Co. for 4 years where he has produced shows and taught improv in their training center. Josh hopes to one day have super powers, but until then he will continue to pretend onstage.

Kate Haugan

(The Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare's Unwritten Works)
Kate Haugan joined KCIC in 2014. Prior to that, she improvised and wrote/performed sketch with her friends at Full Frontal Comedy. In addition to being a company member at KCIC, she plays with award-winning all-lady powerhouse group Ham Kitty and Breakspeare, a Shakespeare/popular culture mash-up improv experience. In between sets, Kate does plays accordion, makes hats, and works as a Contracts Manager for reStart, a local agency for Kansas Citians experiencing homelessness. @haukatehau @hamkittykc

Keith Curtis

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Keith has been a member of the KC Improv Company since 1999 when he continued to call Jim Montemeyer, the original founder, and kept pestering him about auditions. Persistence pays off! Keith is very proud to be a part of such an amazing group of improvisers and considers himself lucky every day that he gets to play with some of the most talented people in Kansas City.

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Laura Irwin

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
Laura has been improvising in Kansas City for 8 years. She has performed with KCiC since 2013 and has been part of several incredibly talented troupes, including Four Corners, Cat and Asshole, Mortal Wombat, Some Technical Difficulties, and Exit 16. She loves spending time with and stealing jokes from her adorable dog Carmen.


Laura Speicher

(Unusual Suspects/ Threads: A Harold)


Matthew C. Sevcik

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
Matthew C. Sevcik has acted, written, and directed many comedy shows in the last few years. He recently moved to Kansas City from Chicago, where he trained at Second City, iO, and The Annoyance Theatre. He earned a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas, and served for 5 years in the United States Army due to a hilarious website error. He is thrilled to be part of the Kansas City Improv Company!

Max Frankel

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Max Frankel has been improvising since 2009. A long time fan, student, and performer, Max made his professional debut with the KC Improv Company in 2014. Since then, Max has played in every format produced by KCIC, and is the creator and director of KCIC’s signature First Friday art infused long form, BeMused. Max is also a part of the recently formed performance and podcasting troupe, The Culdesac Kids. In addition to his improvised work, Max is a stage and video actor who has appeared in commercials, video sketches and stages all over KC. Max’s interests and passions extend off stage, and include basically anything weird you can think of. Max is also a dedicate coach and teacher, and was named KCIC’s Outstanding Training Center Teacher of 2015-2016. For more inquiries, leave a mason jar full of questions at a crossroads during a new moon, and you shall soon receive your answer.

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Michael Foster

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)

Michael Hudgens

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
What is there to say about this man, except absolutely nothing.

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Nathan Stewart

(Unusual Suspects/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)


Sally Spurgeon

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
Sally is a sociology major at the University of Missouri Kansas City. She has been doing improv for about nine years but is new to the Kansas City Comedy Scene. When Sally isn’t performing at the Kick Comedy Theatre she likes to listen to 90’s hip hop. Sally is an avid fan of the HBO series The Sopranos but wouldn’t recommend watching it late at night.


Ryan Hruza

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)
Ryan is a Kansas city based actor/musician/improviser/writer. After graduating from the university of Nebraska @ Kearney in 2013, he moved to Kansas city in the fall. Ryan has worked with many local theatres including, KC Actors Theatre, Musical Theatre Heritage, EGADS! Theatre. In addition to performing, Ryan is also a writer. He has written two musicals (Super: The Musical, The Lupus Chronic(SLE)) That were produced at the 2015 & 2016 KC Fringe Festival. Ryan joined KCIC in 2013, it was actually the first job he booked in Kansas City.

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Tiffany Chappell

(Unusual Suspects/Threads: A Harold)
Tiffany, a Cleveland native, comes to KC by way of Chicago where she earned a degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management. Tiffany has received training from both iO training center in Chicago and from our very own KCIC training center. Tiffany is not only a teacher for the company, but also taught special education in Kansas City Public Schools. Tiffany aspires to hunt ghosts in Alcatraz and make her dog proud…. Someday…. Someday.

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Tim Marks

(Presto: A Musical/Shakespeare’s Unwritten Works)

Tim Marks has sixteen years of improv experience. He helped found the Kick Comedy Theater in Kansas City and the KC Improv Training Center, and he directed The KC Improv Company from 2004-2015. He has taught at five national Improv festivals, and performed in many more, including the Chicago Improv Festival and New York's Del Close Marathon.  He has also written and performed stand-up comedy and sketch comedy, and acted in independent movies, short films, and television commercials.  He started Improv comedy in 2000 to become a better trial lawyer and to have fun.  He no longer works as a lawyer, and he has more fun. He was honored to appear on The Improv Nerd podcast with Jimmy Carrane in 2014.