Guerilla Improv: DidgeriDon't

April 26, 2007, 7 PM

Agent Curtis, Agent Stewart and Agent Todd (no relation)

Agent Connerly:

Kansas City has just passed a street performer / panhandling ordinance that has a lot of KC's roving artists up in arms. Presumably, rich people didn't like to be disturbed by performers with questionable talent while they are shopping in their upscale hideouts. So we brought the least talented musicians we could find, ourselves, and entertained.

Photography by Curt Rierson of

Agent Curtis :

Kudos to Agent Todd for improvising the new song "Life is Now." I had a blast just playing off of Agent Stewart and Agent Todd. I never saw those children behind us, but that is just brilliant. I am so glad the little girl pulled her siblings away, because I may have accidently kicked one of them.

Photography by Curt Rierson of

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