Types of Private Event Shows

The Kick Comedy Show

Our most popular show features fast-paced scenes, games, and songs that last 3 to 5 minutes each. We use audience suggestions and even audience volunteers, guaranteeing that the comedy is fresh, fast, and funny.

The Kick Comedy Show PLUS Custom Sketches

For example, a banking association had worked hard to incorporate an Old West Theme into its weekend-long event, and it was important to them that the entertainment that capped off their weekend was western-themed as well. No problem. We wrote, rehearsed, and performed three sketches based on the Old West AND banking, and performed improv based on brand-new Old West ideas as well. The event was a big success. What would you want us to incorporate about YOUR people?

The Customized Fake Wedding

Want to throw a fun, entertaining and surprising wedding and reception? And your organization doesn’t have anyone who wants to get married for your amusement?
Let the KC Improv Company stage a wedding! We provide a fake ceremony and REAL party more wild and original than anything your organization has ever been a part of. Your attendees will be assigned relationships they have to the beloved bride and groom, Madeline and Marcus! Talented actors play the bride, groom, minister, and other key roles, and interact with your employees/friends/members/loyal subjects! Inspired in part by Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding in Chicago, KCIC’s version is fresh and original every time.

Game Show: “The Nearlyweds”

Have you seen “The Newlywed Show”? How would you like to see your friends or colleagues matched up at your event? We work with you to come up with two-person teams – either pre-determined or randomly selected at the event – and then we pit them against one another “Newlywed” style! And with questions written by our comedians, you know there will be great memorable moments, no matter who wins! Will one of the couples be two actors posing as new employees? Maybe!

The Customized Murder Mystery Show

We dare you to find a Murder Mystery show that features trained improvisational actors as good as ours! (If you do, we want to meet them.) Our actors have been a part of many murder mystery shows, but we want to create a brand new one for your group! Where should it take place? Who was the victim? Who are the suspects? You decide, and we’ll put on the show, using your people and ours as the stars! Laughter guaranteed!