Limited Spots Available

$115 if Enrolled Before May 18th

$125 if Enrolled After May 18th

Scroll down to see all the details of the camp. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email with the subject line “Summer Camp”.

The KC Improv Training Center is happy to once again offer a Summer Teen Camp in 2018! We have partnered with Shawnee Civic Center to provide a safe, professional and productive space for teens ages 13-17 to learn about Improvisational theater from the best Improvisers in Kansas City.

This class is for any students age 13 through 17 years old, no matter their improv experience.

Class sessions will take place from 9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. on June 18 through June 22.

Registration for this class includes all 5 class sessions, as well as a Student Showcase Performance on June 22 at The Kick Comedy Theater in Westport. (4010 Pennsylvania Ave, KCMO, 64111) at 6:30 P.M.

Tickets will be available for the student showcase for $5 per person.


On Day 1 we focus on one of the most core principles of improv: acceptance. Improv is nothing if not fun, spontaneous, and a chance to play make believe and turn it into hilarious art. We learn that there’s no need to try to be funny, that a little confidence goes a long way, and that creating something together is way more rewarding than forcing something alone.


Next, we explore what we like about good improv. We’ll learn how to create interesting and engaging scenes full of characters with unusual points of view or emotions. We’ll see how easy it can be to create a character that is completely different from ourselves and put them into a completely fabricated world.


We’ll begin to piece together the core principles we’ve learned so far and start to develop our scene work. Students will practice listening skills and the ability to build a world that they’ve created. We’ll have some fun with short form games and learn about long-form improv, both staples of the KC Improv Company.


On Thursday we’ll start to piece together our final show, and continue experimenting with improv games and longer formats. We’ll play more with relationships and practice committing to the choices we make on stage. Students will explore deeper with what they’ve learned and gain confidence in their abilities.


Showtime! For our final day, students will run through their show and recall the principles they’ve learned throughout the camp.