Team Building & Training

Team Building & Training

The KC Improv Co offers corporate training and team building that help organizations and individuals function better and achieve more. Our group includes multiple MBA graduates, attorneys, teachers, and other professionals who know how to translate performance-based skills into the corporate environment. We have worked with groups of university professors, insurance executives, law students, university employees, and others. By studying improv, we have found ways to develop the specific skills we need – skills that most people would love to improve, but don’t know how. Skills like listening, collaboration, teamwork, idea-building, and positivity. We base our work on principles we have learned from Second City, the UCB Theater in New York, and our professional lives. We also lead team-building that is designed for fun, to unleash creativity, and to help people see their co-workers in a different, more fun light than they have ever seen them before. We use easy and simple games that loosen people up naturally, help them work cooperatively and creatively, and re-instill a sense of play that is too often lacking in the workplace.

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“Tim Marks with [the KC Improv Co] led a group of our supervisors through an improv training session. By bouncing imaginary balls, using “Yes, And” to continue a conversation, and challenging the group to complete a task without words, Tim showed all of us how to strengthen our listening skills, open up to new ideas or ways to approach a task, and overall have a fun time no matter what is going on.  The skills learned in our session are being implemented in our offices around the country. We wholeheartedly recommend Tim Marks for a corporate event, and we are looking forward to bringing Tim back for our next meeting.” – Jerry McMullen, ProAg Crop Insurance

“The KC Improv Company completely rocked our corporate meeting this week. Definitely the high point of the day! You guys are tremendous — we loved you!” – Peter Leondedis, Deloitte

Call us at (816) 806-4000 or shoot us an email for a quote or a discussion on how we can help you improve your organization – or just have fun!