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“I saw you guys in Zona Rosa [at The Improv Comedy Club] – I have never laughed so hard! The last thing you guys did might have been the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!”

— Julie Ray, 2011

“The best troupe I’ve seen in Kansas City in over ten years… The games are consistently funny, with big laughs and ‘subtle stuff,’ and their bench is deep with inspired comics…. They totally ruled the enormous [Improv] comedy club.”
— Alan Scherstuhl of The Pitch

“[The KC Improv Co] charmed the Twin Cities Improv Festival audiences by attacking the stage with contagious energy and enthusiasm.  We loved their tight scenework and inventive humor.  It was a pleasure to have them!”
— Jill Bernard, Twin Cities Improv Festival

“[The KC Improv Co] can really cater to their specific audience. Our students and prospective students had a great time! They really involve the crowd and keep them engaged (which is tough with teenage minds). I will definitely be using them for future recruiting events!
— Mallory Anthony, Rockhurst University, Assistant Director of Admission

“I really enjoyed the performance… hilarious.”
— Scott P., Instructor, Kansas City Arts Institute

“Friday’s show was amazingly funny! Congrats on ten years!!”
— Doug D., after our ten-year anniversary show, May 2010

We had a great time with your show last week! What a blast! Several staff and other attendees commented on how awesome it was. We’ve been passing along the name of the group so that they all know who to call!”
— Meryl, Christ Community Church

“[The KC Improv Co] has everything you want in a comedy troupe:A diverse cast, deep talent base, directors who love improv, and the drive to push themselves every time they set foot on stage. With their involvement in the “Improv Everywhere” movement and continuing experimentation with show formats, I-A is the most delightfully playful group in KC’s growing improv scene.”
— Trish Berrong, local improv director, previously of Lighten Up improv company

“I was laughing so hard I had to clean my glasses before I could drive my car”
— Christopher Myers, Jan 18, 2006

“[You] had our (pretty straight-laced) crowd laughing loudly within moments of beginning their show and kept us laughing throughout! Their antics were tailored just for us, as they teased us into laughing at ourselves without ever being offensive!  Furthermore, they were entirely professional and easy to work with! We hope to engage them again soon!”
— Jackie Thomas, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

“You guys are hysterical! You had our singles group in tears — in a good way!
People are still talking about the “blind date” skit!  You guys are amazingly creative.  We will be booking you again!”
— Michelle, Church of the Resurrection

You are a work of art! Love your shows!
— Berniece O’Reilly, Prairiie Village, Kansas

Those guys look great in spandex!
— Lora Shifflet, Kansas City, MO, after a “KC Improv On Ice” show

“The show has a charming hey-do-your-folks-know-we’re-down-here? vibe … [The KC Improv Co] doesn’t need to work blue to score laughs.”
— Alan Scherstuhl, The Pitch, November 10, 2005 article

“Really enjoy the evening with you.  Always witty, entertaining and plenty of surprises, well done!  Thank you, we will be back!”
— Bill Hodgson

“Their show is super fun, and the improv is as good or better than some of the shows that I saw living in L.A. for 12 years.”
— Melissa Potts

“I saw 2 of [their]’ shows at The Dallas Comedy Festival
and was very impressed. These guys (and gal) are very fast and funny!  Their show includes new takes on some very fun improv games.  They are talented, fearless and a joy to watch!!!”
— J*, Artistic Director, The Basement Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia

“We want to REALLY thank you for last night. You made the night a great success! … I heard nothing but compliments afterward about your group.”
—Jennifer Dartt, Good Samaritan Project (private show)

“Superfreaky and Great!”
— Erin Ferriter

“Saw you at the [2005 Kansas City] Fringe Festival and thought you were great . . . I’ve seen a number of improv shows around KC in recent months and yours is without a doubt the funniest. I’m looking forward to another fine performance.”
— Nancy B., Kansas City, Mo.

“I saw [The KC Improv Co] at Improv Festival Oklahoma this year. I found them exceedingly hilarious, so much so that my face hurt well into the next week. I have not laughed so hard in years. Forget everything you know about comedy, these people are actually funny! I am seriously considering planning my next visit to Kansas City around being able to see them perform again. You never know what is going to happen in improv, but it’s a good bet that it will be so funny that you’ll be talking about it for days.
…You find yourself getting attached to characters. It’s strange. Actors take center stage and improvise a scene using suggestions from the audience… Two characters took center stage while the others stood on either side watching for an opening they could use. They then would run in and tag the actor they wanted to leave. These switches were so smooth you barely noticed it after the first few times and the story became more real. The characters became real… I did feel sad when the character got rejected. I was uncomfortable when he was uncomfortable. I shifted in my chair at the same time he did. I was engrossed.”
— Ms. Joey Rodman, Red Dirt Chronicle, 2010


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